Located in Lotung, Ilan County, THE JIUWU HOTEL overlooks Lotung Recreational Park and is close to Tungsun River Park. THE JIUWU HOTEL is at the crossroads of all major centers of interest and is the ideal choice for leisure guests staying in Lotung.

JIUWU HOTEL provides 62 guest rooms and six suites. Rooms are medium in size with outside view, most with shower only. All interior design are clean and comfortable atmosphere with separate balconies and French window.



JIUWU HOTEL provides 68 guest rooms and six suites. Rooms are medium in size with outside view, some with shower only. All interior design are clean and comfortable atmosphere with separate balconies and French window.


Free fish feed, cycling, information platform, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, kite.


Opening Time : 07:00am-10:00am Floor:2F

There are some famous foods in Yilan. In our hotel, you can taste the buffet breakfast combine Yilan style.


Opening Time : 07:00-10:00am Floor:B1

Self-service laundry and tumble dry


Free fish feed, cycling, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, kite.


Opening Time : 07:00am-10:00pm

Offer bike lending


Offer computer, printer and fax.


Free book lending for hotel guests.


Daily shuttle service in Lotung train station.

Pickup Points : Lotung Train Station rear exit 1F

Plese make a reservation on the day befor check in.



JIUWU HOTEL offers a variety of meeting rooms for 10 to 60 people that can be adapted to meet your specific needs. The meeting room is equipped with advanced facilities, suitable for meetings, seminars, and training courses. Our experienced staff will provide a level of service that allows you to be the ultimate host. Let us take care of all the details while you take care of the business. Please call our Banquet Department to assist you in the planning:
Tel: (886-3) 961-3799 or Fax: (886-3) 961-3800


Offer exclusive cycling studio and bicycle frame



    Located in the northwest of Luodong Township, and about 2 kilometers from the Luodong Railway Station, the Luodong Sports Park takes up a ground area of 47 hectares. Featuring expansive green land, it not only provides a perfect location for exercising, but is also a great place to appreciate mother nature. The overall design of the park is divided into 4 major parts including sports facilities, landscaping, water/landscaping, and the cultivation of various plants.

    The Dongshan River Cinshuei Water Park was designed in accordance with Yilan County’s tourist oriented policy; while the Yilan Sports Park imitates European gardens with a strong aesthetics design. The Luodong Sports Park features a structure of both traditional Chinese garden and Japanese flavor and at the same time incorporating the beauty of Western square design. The Japanese group in charge of the overall design and construction of the park is confident about the recreational philosophy implanted within this sports park, which is to enable people to come in contact with nature, to be able to look up and see the blue sky, the puffy white clouds, and to feel the soft grass with bare feet and smell the scent of the earth, and to enjoy the beautiful water which reflects the sky. While enjoying the various sports facilities at the park, you will also enjoy being embraced by nature.

    The Luodong Sports Park is almost as beautiful as a fairyland. Whether in the morning or at night, in spring, summer, fall, winter, on sunny, or rainy days, this park always responds to you inner most desire for consolation in nature. The Yilan County Government has really done a wonderful job in converting this former rice field by the Luodong River into apopular tourist spot.

    Yilan Travel Website. Available at: tourism.e-land.gov.tw. Accessed 09 February 2017


    Originally named “Dapi (Great Lake)”, the Meihua Lake is bordered by verdant mountains and is blessed with outstanding scenery, making it one of the most scenic spots in Yilan from the old days. In the 1970s, President Chiang Ching Kuo came across this lake during one of his rural visits and was impressed by its beautiful surroundings, hence naming it “Meihua (plum blossom) Lake” because of its resemblance to a plum flower with five pedals. From that time forward, the name of this lake has taken on, and endless visitors have come here to witness the wonder of this gorgeous lake. Circling around the lake is a trail allowing visitors to stroll tranquilly while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake and the surrounding mountains. A small island sits in the middle of the lake with a suspension bridge connecting to the circular trail, providing an exquisite view. On the other side of the mountain, there is another lake called “ Siaopi (Little Lake)”. In springtime when the flowers are in full bloom, countless butterflies can be seen flying among the flowers, with buzzing of bees flying in and out, forming a striking scene.

    Yilan Travel Website. Available at: tourism.e-land.gov.tw. Accessed 09 February 2017


    Taiping Mountain, Ali Mountain, and Baxian Mountain are three main forestry centers in Taiwan. Taiping Mountain is known for production of Taiwan red cypress and Taiwan cypress. The square measure of this area reaches 12000 hectares. There are Nanhu Mountains, Sanxing Mountains, and the offshoot of Dabajian Mountain in this area. Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area is located at Datong Township. There are different landscapes in all seasons. Due to different altitudes, there are changing landscapes of plants with red leaves. Flowers bloom splendidly in spring; the sunrise and sea of cloud are unforgettable in fall. Red maple trees bring bright colors for Taiping Mountain. In addition, Taiwan cherry, plum, apricot, and Taiping Mountain white cherry show various attractive landscapes in all seasons. Scenery spots in this area include Renze Hot Spring, Forest Park, Forest Path, wildlife refuge, and Tsuei-Feng Lake.

    Yilan Travel Website. Available at: tourism.e-land.gov.tw. Accessed 09 February 2017


    Renze Hot Spring is located at the foot of Taiping Mountain in Yilan County. The altitude is about 500 meters. It has been developed as a hot spring area during the Japanese reign, called “Xuze Hot Spring” or “Jiouze Hot Spring.” After the restoration of Taiwan, this area was managed and rebuilt by Lanyang Forest District Office. It was renamed “Renze Hot Spring” then.

    The source of Renze Hot Spring comes from mountain rocks. It is calcium carbonate springwithout smell and color. The temperature usually reaches 95℃. Bathing in the spring makes skin smooth and tender. It is said that the hot spring works in curing skin and stomach diseases. The surrounding environment is beautiful and the natural ecology is abundant. Many people are attracted to enjoy the hot spring here.

    Yilan Travel Website. Available at: tourism.e-land.gov.tw. Accessed 09 February 2017


    The sincerity goes with the sweet water, is the fountain of happiness for the three generations of Zeng family, a natural spring.

    The natural spring in the Guang Shing Farm, is god given treasure bowel to Zeng family.

    The natural spring pool of “the Duck Cottage and the Pig Cave” in the Guang Shing Farm, is a natural aquatic community where the different creatures dwell forming into a refined food chain relationship, including Taiwan sea breams, wild clams, wild creek shrimps, aquatic vegetables, water crown daisies….

    Play Glasses, DIY

    This is fit for adult friends and little kids to do it by themselves.

    The unique glass water cups made by their own hands, are the artistic souvenirs with much appreciated and practical values.

    It leaves you a great fun and a happy memory for this Yilan trip~~

    Da Fong Chuei Handmade

    Mr Zeng, a chemist with a P.H.d. who is also a father, has long imagined creating an interactive learning space for children to enjoy science.

    Ultimately, he decided to leave his day job as a manager of a pharmaceutical company in order to inspire the next generation of future scientists.

    Mr Zeng believes that education shouldn't be only from school. Rather, there should many opportunities for real life, hands on learning.

    Mr Zeng is the owner of JoyfulKidd and the oldest son of the owner of the famous Kwong Hing Farm (Cuang Shing Farm).

    Because he wants to provide a different learning experience for our next generation, he built the D.I.Y. room.

    The room has Sand Blasting D.I.Y, Soap D.I.Y., and the Strom Glass D.I.Y.

    Through doing these hand on projects, people can apply the knowledge they learned from the textbooks to real life applications.


    Water is the source of all life. It is the lifeblood of all cultures on the planet. The intimacy between human beings and river ways our ancestors lived upon is long gone because of the change in the ways we use water resources. The establishment of the Dongshan River Cingshuei Water Park helps us recall human intimacy with water and regain this closeness. The successful experience this park represents becomes a victorious emblem of Yilan’s long history in the efforts of preventing floods and dredging rivers. It is a joint input of the government’s vision, local people’s participation, and experts’ knowledge. Many Yilan traditional materials were used in the construction of this park. Every detail of the park presents a simple yet delicate local accent which retrieves the sense of the aesthetic of the old days, and grants it with a brand new life.

    In the beginning, Cinshuei Water Park was just a reorganization project launched in Wujie Township, however it ended up becoming a legend in the history of Taiwan water management. Construction started in 1987, and was completed in 1994 on Dragon Boat Festival Day.

    The determination of the local government, the participation from local communities, and the wisdom of experts combined to make the project possible. It is a living proof of how the natural environment and humanity can work together in harmony. When you visit the park, you will be reminded of the human desire to be close to water.

    The design of the park, which adapts to Chinese geomancy and local cultural characteristics, emphasizes the pursuit of a contemporary aesthetic while showing care for tradition and passion of the Yilan people towards their homeland and their future. Here you can simply gaze upon the breathtaking scenery or indulge yourself in water play. Come to cheer for the dragon boat racing teams during the Dragon Boat Festival, or for the Yilan International Collegiate Invitational Regatta teams, or simply enjoy a family outing and educational trip.

    Cinshuei Water Park will never let you down. This wonderful park is not only a new landmark to Yilan, but also a testament to the Taiwan people who are good at carrying out “mission impossible.

    Yilan Travel Website. Available at: tourism.e-land.gov.tw. Accessed 09 February 2017


No.511, Gongzheng Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County 265, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

From the North of Taiwan :Drive the Coastal Highway (Provincial Highway 2) through Toucheng to Yilan.

Take the Beiyi Highway (Taipei-Yilan Highway, Provincial Highway 9) through Toucheng to Yilan.

Take the freeway NO.5 from Taipei to Yilan.

Take the Capital Bus , Kamalan Bus, Metropolitan Star or Kuo Kuang Bus from Taipei to Luodong,please get off at the Lotung Station.From Lotung Station to JIUWU HOTEL about 10 minutes by car.

Take a train to Luodong, please get off at the Lotung Train Station.